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How to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Cannabis | 3 Date Ideas

Looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate Valentine's Day this year with your special someone?

This Valentine's Day, light up the celebration with your love—and some cannabis!

Weed can spark an extra special night of romance when you and your sweetheart explore these three creative date ideas.

With heightened senses from a little toke or two, music will sound more melodic, food will taste even yummier, and let's just say taking it to the bedroom may be out of this world!

So why not give it a try? It'll be one memorable V-day for sure!

Cook A Romantic Dinner For Two

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your significant other in a special way this year by cooking a romantic dinner for two that features delicious cannabis-infused dishes!

Use a cannabis tincture to infuse your food with THC or CBD, while still indulging in the classic Valentine’s Day favourites—like chocolate-strawberry truffles and succulent lobster tail.

Create an ambience of love with soft music and candlelight, as you share moments of laughter and joy with each bite.

Make it extra special by adding some conversation cards like ‘Have You Ever…?’ to get the conversation flowing, and experience an unforgettable night filled with love and marijuana!

Products We Recommend For This Date

Cannabis Oil Drops

Cannabis oil drops are a revolutionary way to add some extra magnitude to your mealtime. Infused with the special herb, this oil can be added to practically any type of dish out there- from pasta to biryani or anything else you can think of!

Not only do cannabis oil drops infuse your food with a mildly tangy and unique flavor, but they also come with a plethora of health benefits like reduced stress, improved sleep and better immunity.

Don't miss out on this amazing addition for your everyday cuisine and get those cannabis oil drops to make every meal high in flavor and wellness!

THC Infused Champagne

THC Infused Champagne provides the perfect pairing of alcohol and THC in one luxurious offering.

Whether you're out on a romantic night with that special someone, or just having fun with friends, THC Infused Champagne takes the edge off those anxiety-ridden moments and turns it into an evening filled with giggles and relaxed conversation.

Who wouldn't want to make date night something extra special? THC Infused Champagne gives you just that—a little extra something for any special occasion.

So grab your THC Infused Champagne and let's get this party started!

Milk Chocolate Cannabis Bar

Milk chocolate and cannabis, a match made in heaven!

Milk Chocolate Cannabis Bars are an exciting new way to enjoy this delicious combination.

This bar is creamy and sweet with just a hint of cannabis flavor. Melt it and use it as a delectable dip for your favorite fruits such as strawberries or cherries.

For true lovers of the munchies, Milk Chocolate Cannabis Bars provide an elevated taste experience that is sure to satisfy any craving.

So grab yourself one of these bars and enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures!

Cannabis Chocolate Tasting

Forget wine tastings - a cannabis chocolate tasting is much more fun (and delicious)!

Purchase an assortment of cannabis chocolate edibles & blind fold your partner! Take turns feeding each other sweet treats.

You and your partner will learn all about different types of cannabis chocolate, from truffles infused with indica strains to dark chocolate bars laced with sativa.

And of course, you'll get to sample plenty of chocolates along the way.

It's the perfect activity for any sweet tooth stoners out there.

Products We Recommend For This Date

Terminal City Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar 500 MG THC

Terminal City Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar 500 MG THC is an indulgence for the true stoners out there. No need to supplement your day with a regular sweet treat when Terminal City has everything you need!

Each bar contains 500mg of pure THC, making it easy to dose and enjoy your desired effects.

With a cream center and crumbly chocolate shell, every Terminal City bar is sure to give you the delicious and canna-friendly experience you crave.

Take your next 420 get-together or late night chill session up a notch by bringing Terminal City’s Cookies & Cream chocolate bar!

Silent Shamen White Chocolate 1000 MG CBD

Silent Shamen's White Chocolate 1000 MG CBD is an absolute must-have for every joyful stoner out there!

With 1000 mg of high quality, organically grown CBD isolate in each delicious bar, Silent Shamen offers an unbeatable combination of taste and therapeutic potential.

Whether you're looking to unwind from a stressful day or are wanting to amplify your focus while studying, Silent Shamen's White Chocolate has you covered.

The perfect balance between functionality and indulgence, Silent Shamen White Chocolate 1000 MG CBD is sure to have you feeling on top of the world.

Kush Kitchen S'mores 1000 MG THC

Kush Kitchen S'mores 1000 MG THC are the perfect snack for any passionate stoner! Kush Kitchen has taken all of our favorite s'more ingredients and created the ultimate cannabis-infused treat.

The delicious combination of a smooth Graham Cracker, melty Chocolate, and gooey Marshmallows make for the perfect flavor profile, heightened by Kush Kitchen's quality ingredients and 1000 MG of THC per pack.

Now you can have a unique s'more experience every time - Kush Kitchen rocks!

Canna Queens Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar 200 MG THC

Canna Queens Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar 200 MG THC is like a dream come true for any stoner - a delicious and potent chocolate bar that you can keep in your pocket wherever you go!

Whenever the munchies strike or when I just want to curl up with something tasty, Canna Queens has me covered.

Their flagship chocolate bar offers a strong dose of 200 MG of THC but it still tastes amazing - the perfect balance between rich and creamy.

Whether I'm needing an energizer or something to relax with after work, Canna Queen's Cookies & Cream has my back every step of the way.

Weed-Infused Game Night

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a cannabis-infused game night and make it bigger, better, and more hilarious than ever before!

Incorporate your favorite weed products into classic games like Twister or Jenga, or ramp up the laughter with a round of Cards Against Humanity.

For something even higher, lead your partner on an adventure through an Escape Room for an onsite experience you won't soon forget.

Cannabis is the perfect companion for any game night - so roll one up (or vape one out) and let the fun begin!

Products We Recommend For This Date

Valentine’s Day Bud Boxes

What better way to show your special Valentine some love than with Valentine's Day Bud Boxes?

Just picture it—the perfect Valentine's day gift full of delicious cannabis buds, artfully arranged in a heart-shaped box!

Your Valentine will enjoy the selection, no matter what their taste. And you'll both appreciate the quality, potency and aroma of these premium buds.

So go ahead, indulge in the moment and show that special someone your love this Valentine's day with Valentine's Day Bud Boxes!

Valentine's Day Tin

Valentine's Day Tin is the perfect way to have your Valentine’s Day celebration from home!

This festive tin includes an assortment of the cannabis products to let you and your Valentine get creative.

The pre-rolled joints allow for quick and easy access to enjoy with your sweetheart, while edibles are a great option for prolonged relaxation.

Valentine's Day Tin is the perfect mix of indulgence and relaxation for this special holiday.

Now that you know how to celebrate Valentine's Day with cannabis, it's time to get prepared!

Purchase what you need to make the day special from us at Canna Queens.

We have everything you need to make your celebration a hit.

Whether you want to cook a romantic dinner for two, enjoy some weed-infused chocolates, or play fun stoner games, we've got you covered.

So don't wait, order now and let us help you make this Valentine's Day one to remember!

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