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Are you looking for an exciting, flavourful way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis? Then our new High Tea is the perfect choice! Our High Tea is an incredible way to experience marijuana in a tasty beverage form. Combining herbal tea blends with 100mg of THC-infused cannabis extract, each cup of High Tea helps provide the perfect combination of relaxation and flavor. With both the edible and the CBD option available, you can choose which method best suits your needs.


Our assorted flavors range from sweet and savory berry hibiscus blends to classic favorites like earl gray or green tea - no matter what your preference, we have something that will tantalize your taste buds. Each sip of our High Tea will provide you with a comforting and soothing sensation as it's infused with our signature 100mg THC-infused cannabis extract. All this adds up to truly premium weed experience that can be enjoyed right at home! So go ahead and get creative with your next evening dose - make it High Tea!

Earl Gray | CBD 100mg

  • 100 MG CBD

    5MG THC

  • CBD

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