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Are you ready to experience the power of Elixir THC/CBD oil? Our elixir has 500 mg total, 250mg thc / 250mg cbd, and it's packed with pure therapeutic benefits. We've carefully formulated this natural blend to provide relief, relaxation, and balance in the body—all without any psychoactive effects. Whether you're looking for a long-term emotional or physical solution, Elixir is your all-in-one remedy. If healing can be sweet, this elixir is pure ambrosia! With an easy-to-administer dropper bottle that gives precise dosage every time for maximum control and effectiveness, Elixir THC/CBD oil is your ticket to superior health and wellbeing! Get ready to feel energized yet relaxed, calm yet focused—and start living life to its fullest. Invest in your wellness today with Elixir THC/CBD oil!

Tincture | THC/CBD Oil 500mg

  • 500 MG TOTAL

    250 CBD + 250 THC

  • 50/50

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