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Are you ready for the ultimate cannabis experience? Introducing Canna Queens, your all-new go to for premium cannabis rosin! We've carefully selected our top shelf assortment of excellently grown and harvested strains from the very best in the industry. Our mission is to give you the greatest quality and most enjoyable cannabis rosin products that you can get on the market today!


Our extracts are made using traditional solvent-less techniques, so you can be sure that our product is 100% pure and free of any harsh chemicals or toxins that would negatively affect your smoking experience. Our proprietary process also allows us to capture hard hitting terpene profiles, giving you an intense flavor explosion with every puff.


Treat yourself to some exclusive Cannabis Rosin by Canna Queens and get ready for a truly revolutionary high. We guarantee that no matter what variety of bud you choose, we are certain it will be nothing short of a dream come true! With over 50 different flavours and mixes to choose from, you'll find something to perfectly suit your taste buds. So take your smoke session up a notch with Canna Queens and get ready for an out of this world experience!

Dog Gram | Rosin

1 Gram

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