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Introducing the delicious new Twisted Extracts Caramelts! For lovers of cannabis edibles, this tasty treat has is an ideal way to get your daily dose of THC or CBD in one delicious package. With 80 mg per package, these Caramelts are made with premium quality extracts that pack a powerful punch. Bite into one of these sugary treats and you will be blown away by the tantalizing aromas, rich flavors, and smooth aftertaste. Whether you need a fast-acting pick me up or just something to relax with at the end of a long day, Twisted Extracts Caramelts are here to satisfy! Get ready for an unforgettable experience as you take a bite out of this flavorful snack and enjoy its amazing effects. Get excited and order your own today!

Caramelts | THC:CBD 80mg

  • 80 MG

  • Both

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