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Introducing the new Elixir! If you’re looking for a truly unique cannabis experience, then look no further. Elixir is made of only the finest assorted cannabis distillates and provides results you won’t believe. The flavor profile of this product is like nothing else out there. Get ready to indulge in robust tastes coupled with a feeling of contentment that can only be found with Elixir.


Why settle for just one taste when you can have them all? With this amazing product, you get an incredible range of flavors from red berry to citrus tones - each one more delicious than the last. And on top of that, the effects are sure to put a smile on your face. We’ve finely crafted this concoction from our highly skilled mixologists to create something we know you’ll love - whether it’s your first time trying cannabis or you’re already an enthusiast.


At Elixir, quality comes before everything else. Our dedication to providing customers with the best possible experience is what sets us apart from others in the market and why our following is growing by the day. From meditation retreats to music festivals and beyond, Elixir has become a staple at gatherings around the world thanks to its superior strength and potency.


Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind cannabis experience! Get your hands on some Elixir today and see why everyone loves it so much.

Elixir Distillate Dart

1 Gram

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