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Beethoven Kush is a very potent Indica dominated hybrid said to have originated in the Golden State. Providing the user with a strong high and amazing feelings of relaxation and happiness, this strain has rightfully earned its place at the top of the consumption charts. When using the Beethoven Kush strain, you will sense a light pine aroma filling the room, before you experience a lingering potent pine aftertaste seconds after exhaling. The effects of this strain are well-known among the music community, due to the fact that it is able to improve the music experience better than any other strain. It brings about feelings of happiness and euphoria, while providing the user with full body relaxation. It is very important to keep in mind that due to its potency, the Beethoven Kush strain can have quite vivid hallucinogenic effects. The few side-effects of this strain include rare instances of paranoia and occasional dryness of the mouth and eyes. In medical circles, the Beethoven Kush strain has been widely used in the treatment of chronic anxiety, as well as for various eating disorders that have led to severe loss of appetite.

Beethoven | Shatter

1 Gram

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