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Introducing Kush Kitchen's medicated cannabis drops! Now, you can indulge in the relief that comes with cannabis without having to sacrifice your connoisseur preferences. Our 1000mg assorted flavour cannabis drops will have you feeling relaxed, relieved and euphoric. Our Kush Kitchen team carefully crafted each drop using natural terpenes, ensuring that quality always takes center stage in everything we do. We provide an exquisite array of flavours for our thousand-milligram dose, including tangerine, pineapple and strawberry - you’ll want them all! With Kush Kitchen's help, it's now easier than ever to stay medicated - in a delicious way! Enjoy the clean effects while pursuing different activities or just lounging around thanks to our easy to use format. Try us out today and taste the difference – feel the goodness of Kush Kitchen's medicated cannabis drops.

Mint | Medicated Drops 1000mg

  • 1000 MG

  • THC

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