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Introducing the exciting new cannabis live resin from Fraggle Rock! This high-quality concentrates boasts THC levels up to 75% and is bound to make you feel like one of Jim Henson's beloved Fraggles. Our live resin begins as freshly harvested, top-shelf cannabis, loaded with terepenes and cannabinoids which are then extracted using cryogenics to capture all of the plant’s flavor and aromatics. The end result? A fragrant, potent concentrate that’s bursting with rockin’ flavor and potency. Try some of Fraggle Rock today and feel those magical vibes take over. Whether you’re partying with The Muppet Show or watching a classic Netflix show, invoke your inner “dance your cares away” attitude and let this legal concentrate take you higher than ever before without any worry of any harsh aftertastes or coughing fits. When it comes to high-quality cannabis extracts, nobody does it better than Fraggle Rock! So go find your own personal Inner Gorg (aka your happy place), grab some friends old and new, and lighten up the mood for an otherworldly experience worth savoring!

Fraggle Rock | Live Resin