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Are you ready to experience something out of this world? If so, then Potent Planet is the perfect choice for you! Our assorted Cannabis Shatter products are expertly crafted to provide an incredible, one-of-a-kind experience. With our shatter, you won’t just be getting amazing flavor and exceptional potency; you’ll also be getting something that is totally out of this world!


Our shatter provides users with an invigorating high that will energize your senses. It has been designed to produce a variety of effects, ranging from an uplifting burst of energy to a calming wave of relaxation. Plus, our specially formulated terpenes enhance each strain’s flavor profile. With our shatter, you won’t be able to get enough!


The possibilities are truly infinite with Potent Planet’s shatter. You can enjoy it any way you please - whether you prefer taking a dab or adding a bit into your joint. Plus, we offer several different strain varieties so there's always something new on the horizon. Get ready to blast off into another dimension with Potent Planet - order today and take your Cannabis experience to outer space!

Assorted Shatter